Comparative Biomechanics (6 weeks; June 9 – July 18)
Instructor: Dr. Tim Higham (Univ. of California, Riverside)

How do fishes swim and capture prey? How do snakes slither? How do hummingbirds hover? How do crabs walk? These are the types of questions we will address in this course involving the links between ecology and physics. It will be a combined lecture, laboratory and field course focusing on the comparative biomechanics of vertebrates and invertebrates occupying the coast of Vancouver Island. Lectures will develop dominant themes with emphases on movement in fluids (air and water) and on land. Field trips will involve observation of fishes, amphibians, snakes, birds, and several invertebrates, and we will explore both marine and forest habitats. Students will conduct independent research projects in small groups during the final 3 weeks of the course.