Marine - Terrestrial Interactions (3 weeks; August 11 - 29)
Instructors: Dr. Morgan Hocking (Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance; Hakai Beach Institute; Adjunct Professor, UVic) and Dr. Paul Spence (Climate Change Research Centre, University of New South Wales, Australia)

Overall, the course will be structured in four main sections. The first will introduce broad topics in landscape, community and food web ecology, with specific sections on salmon streams, the coastal temperate rainforest, and First Nations resource management (Hocking). In the second section, students will conduct a series of field experiments on the physical (abiotic) atmosphere, ocean and land processes that shape coastal communities such as wind, waves, and currents, and will include the first of three overnight camping trips (Spence). The third section will explore the processes that structure biodiversity of intertidal zones and will feature a field trip to the Deer islands (Hocking and Spence). The final section will involve the analysis, write-up and presentation of the final student projects, with the data collected via a multi-night trip to the Nitinat lakes area of Pacific Rim Park (Hocking and Spence).